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Farmers’ talks with the Center are inconclusive: who said what at Vigyan Bhawan meeting


The meeting between the representatives of the protesting farmers’ organizations and the Union ministers on Thursday was inconclusive, although both sides found a glimmer of light after the seven-hour deliberation in Vigyan Bhawan. Farmers’ organizations are hopeful that at the next meeting, which is scheduled for December 5, the problem will be resolved as the Center agreed on Thursday to review various provisions of the laws. The Center is also pinning its hopes on the next meeting after today’s debate. Meanwhile, Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar has urged farmer agitators to withdraw their protests so that the people of Delhi do not suffer.

This is what happened at the meeting:

> The meeting was held in a cordial atmosphere with leaders of 35 farmers’ associations who are currently protesting the farm laws that the Center projects as reforms, but farmers are concerned that the minimum support price will be removed.

> Farmers advocated for the repeal of the three agricultural laws, which the Center had previously rejected.

> Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar said the government listened to farmers’ complaints with an open mind. Some of the points have also been raised in previous meetings. “The government has no ego. He was discussing with the farmers with an open mind. Farmers are concerned that the new laws will end the CMPA, ”said the Minister of Agriculture.

> At the meeting, the Center reiterated to the farmers that the MSP system will continue.

> Farmers expressed their reservation about the provision in which they are supposed to take their complaints to the SDM courts. “The farmers unions feel that the SDM court is a lower court. The government will consider this demand, ”Tomar said.

> Farmers expressed concern about trade outside of mandi. Trading is supposed to take place on the basis of a PAN card. The farmers, in today’s meeting, pointed out that getting a PAN card is very easy. The Center has assured farmers that the traders will be registered.

> Farmers organizations said there was little progress at the meeting as the government has only assured about MSP.

> The peasant leaders said that the government accepted that there are certain problems that they are going to correct. “We said that we do not want amendments but we want the laws to be withdrawn. We also demand that the MSP be implemented with certainty and that a law be made about it, ”said peasant leader Baldev Singh Sirsa.

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