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Covid recovers the highest 90 lakh in the world | India News


NEW DELHI: India became the first country on Thursday to record 90 lakh (nine million) recoveries from Covid-19 infection. The milestone was passed on Thursday, when more than 43,000 patients were declared cured of the virus in the country, even as the count of new cases continued its gradual decline.
India has the highest number of recovered Covid-19 patients in the world, accounting for 94% of all cases recorded in the country to date. The United States, with 14.3 million cases compared to India’s 9.5 million, has seen fewer recoveries with 8.4 million.

Covid recovers the highest 90 lakh in the world | India News

Meanwhile, 36,746 new cases were reported Thursday, about 1,000 fewer than the previous day’s count.
For the fifth consecutive day, daily cases of Covid remain below 40,000
While India has recorded the second highest number of Covid cases so far, its active case count is now less than 4.2 lakh, the seventh highest in the world below the US, France, Italy, Brazil. , Belgium and Russia, according to the worldometers.info website.
Daily cases have remained below the 40,000 mark for five consecutive days. While the new case count remains high in several states, a sustained increase in the pandemic has not been seen so far this week.
However, the daily number of Covid deaths has gradually increased. 542 deaths were reported in the country on Thursday, compared to 533 the day before. While 445 deaths were recorded on Sunday, the number increased to 486 on Monday and 500 on Tuesday. The increase appears to be mainly related to the increased death toll reported in Maharashtra, although states such as Haryana and Himachal Pradesh have also seen an increase in deaths.
Delhi also continued to report a high number of deaths, with 82 recorded on Thursday, followed by Bengal (49), Haryana (32), Kerala and Uttar Pradesh (31 each) and Chhattisgarh (22). Most of the hardest-hit states also reported a slight drop in new cases Thursday.

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