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Woman cut in neck, man killed after iron pipe crashed into moving bus


A woman and a young man were killed when a 25-meter iron pipe ran through a moving bus near the road in the area of ​​the Sanderao police station in the Pali district on Tuesday night.

According to the police, the rod cut the woman’s neck, split the head of a young man and also injured 13 passengers. Three people are said to be critical.

“It was revealed that a company was installing a gas pipeline in the area. The pipe hung in the air from a hydraulic machine that burns pipes. According to the manager of the company, the pipeline collected from the hydroelectric plant was under control, but to save the bulls that crossed the road, the driver accidentally threw the pipe, causing it to crash into the bus, ”said a police official . by Pali.

He added that the driver was also riding the bus at a very high speed.

“The main reason for the accident was the negligence of the company that laid the gas pipeline because it is not possible to control the 80-foot-long pipe simply by lifting it with a hydraulic machine. The company should have taken security measures, “said the policeman.

Six days ago, the police had seized a JCB and a company tractor for negligence and lack of safety equipment. The manager of the company was called and instructed to improve the security system.

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