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SpiceJet will provide logistical support for the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine


Low-cost airline SpiceJet will provide logistical support for the delivery of the Covid-19 vaccine. The airline’s dedicated loading arm, SpiceXpress, will transport the vaccine through a specialized service called Spice Pharma Pro.

The SpiceJet spokesperson said the airline has partnered with world leaders in cold chain solutions offering active and passive packaging with dedicated teams to run cold chain operations smoothly.

“SpiceXpress has the ability to transport extremely sensitive drugs and vaccines at controlled temperatures ranging from -40 ° C to + 25 ° C. SpiceXpress is ready for the enormous task of distributing sensitive products both domestically and internationally, including Covid vaccines. -19 that require strict transport conditions, ”added the spokesperson.

Ajay Singh, President and Managing Director of SpiceJet said: “We have been preparing for the daunting task of transporting drugs, vaccines, blood samples and temperature-sensitive cargo by developing end-to-end cold chain logistics solutions. With a dedicated fleet of 17 cargo aircraft, SpiceXpress is capable of transporting cargo to both domestic destinations and a broad list of international destinations. ”

“The airline also offers a host of other benefits, such as a network of warehouses equipped with freezers to allow for the exchange of cold packs and ground vehicles and containers to help transport sensitive cargo,” he added.

SpiceJet has carried 85,000 tonnes of cargo since closing in March and the airline’s international cargo network now encompasses more than 50 international destinations.

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