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Kejriwal and Amarinder Singh fight over new farm laws


Delhi Prime Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday criticized his Punjab counterpart Captain Amarinder Singh for “falsely” accusing him of passing agricultural laws in the national capital and questioned whether he is acting at the behest of the central government led by the BJP.

In a digital press conference, Kejriwal said that the three agricultural laws were introduced and implemented by the central government and that state governments have no role to play in them. He also called on the Center to accept all the farmers’ demands and amend the agricultural laws to include the MSP guarantee.

“Yesterday, the Punjab CM alleged that I passed these black agricultural laws in Delhi. How can Captain Singh play such low-level politics in this fragile situation? The day the president signed the black agricultural laws, they went into effect throughout the country from that same day, ”he said.

The Punjab CM rejected Kejriwal’s claim, saying that it was clear that the AAP leader did not even want to try to fight “draconian laws”. “Why didn’t you oppose the Center by passing your own state laws like we did in Punjab?” Singh asked.

Kejriwal, who is also the national convener of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) which is in opposition in Punjab, a state where elections are scheduled for 2022, asked if the Prime Minister of Punjab is acting under pressure from the central government led by the BJP. .

“You are speaking the language of BJP. Are you forging a friendship with the BJP or is there any pressure on you because the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has brought a case against your family members and sent them notices? Kejriwal said.

The Punjab CM struck back at its Delhi counterpart, accusing him of leaning toward low-level politics and indulging in a blatant double-talk.

On Tuesday, Singh criticized the AAP, saying they had exhibited “a shocking double standard in farmers ‘protests” by “blatantly implementing the draconian farm law in the midst of the crisis while pretending to stand by the farmers’ side.”

Kejriwal said that now it is no longer up to states to choose whether they want to implement these laws or not.

“If the responsibility fell on the states, then why would farmers from all over the country come to Delhi to protest? They would demand the withdrawal of these laws from their respective state governments. No state government can stop these laws, ”he said.

“Captain Singh is aware of these facts and still made these false accusations to me. Since the Delhi government denied permission to convert the city’s nine stadiums into temporary prisons for protesting farmers, the BJP-led central government has been very angry with me, ”Kejriwal said.

“But the Delhi government did not give permission for this. They put a lot of pressure on me to approve the Delhi Police proposal to make these prisons temporary. But many times life throws us such situations when we listen to our conscience without fearing the consequences, ”said Kejriwal.

The Punjab CM rejected Kejriwal’s claim, saying that the AAP leader, “whose survival depended on the central government,” was more concerned with angering the central government than with the plight of farmers.

The Punjab CM also criticized Kejriwal for allegedly misleading the people of the committee formed by the central government last year on agricultural reforms. “Not once were these black laws discussed or mentioned in the committee,” Amarinder said.

“It is clear that Kejriwal is only playing on the sentiments of the farmers now because his party has completely lost the political narrative in Punjab, where the AAP has its eyes set on the 2022 assembly elections,” Amarinder said.

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