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‘It takes creative freedom to stay on top of the OTT boom’ | India News


NEW DELHI: A policy paper on the future of India’s entertainment industry by FTII Director Shekhar Kapur and Censor Board Member Vani Tripathi Tikkoo said that India may occupy a dominant position in the OTT landscape by allowing “creative freedom” and “encouraging industry standards to help provide viewers with information about content, allowing them to make their own viewing decisions.”
The document, published by the group of policy experts Esya Center, comes at a time when the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has ordered that all digital content, both in the areas of news and entertainment, be placed under its jurisdiction, which has sparked censorship concerns in some claiming that it runs counter to previous government claims that OTT platforms should be able to self-regulate.
Co-authored with Kapur, Tikkoo, attorney Akshat Agarwal and Esya Center advisor Vivan Sharan, the paper focuses on the transformative impact of OTT platforms, which are expected to become a Rs 12,000 crore market by 2023. “To achieve the desired results for India’s creative sector, the country needs to undertake three major transformations: promoting creative freedom, digital products and devices, and leveling the playing field at all levels of the creative supply chain,” he says. the newspaper.
“In the OTT context, the industry should be encouraged to come together, standardize and ensure that consumers have all the information and technology controls they need to make informed decisions about the content they consume. Such measures should seek to protect children from inappropriate materials, inform viewers about the themes of any particular content, and provide tools such as parental controls to ensure that parents can effectively regulate content viewed by young children, ”it says. .
In India, unlike print, broadcast and radio platforms, online content has been kept out of the reach of a formal regulatory framework.

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