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Install CCTV in all CBI, NIA, ED, NCB offices and offices: SC | India News


NEW DELHI: In an order of great importance, the Supreme Court on Wednesday placed the police, CBI, the National Investigation Agency, the Enforcement Directorate, the Office of Narcotics Control, the Department of Revenue Intelligence and the Office of Investigation of Serious Fraud under surveillance by closed circuit television to prevent torture in custody. .
The court requested the Center and the states, as well as the UTs, to compulsorily install CCTV cameras with night vision systems in all police stations with the possibility of storing recorded data for at least 12 months, and ideally for 18 months.
Asking state governments to allocate adequate funds for the installation of CCTV and assigning responsibility for keeping them in working condition to station officials, a bench of Judges RF Nariman, KM Joseph and Aniruddha Bose said: “To ensure As no part of a police station is left uncovered, it is imperative to ensure that CCTV cameras are installed at all entry and exit points, the main door of the police station, all locks, all corridors , lobby / reception area, all terraces / outbuildings, inspectors room, sub-inspector room, areas outside the lockdown room, station hallway, in front of the police station compound, outside restrooms / toilets (not inside ), duty officer room, rear of police station, etc. ”.
Noting his serious intention, the court set out in detail the details for the execution of his order. “CCTV systems must be equipped with night vision and must necessarily consist of audio and video sequences. In areas where there is no electricity and / or Internet, it will be the duty of the states / UT to provide the same as quickly as possible using any mode of electricity supply, including solar / wind energy. The Internet systems provided must also be systems that provide clear audio and image resolutions. Most important of all is the storage of CCTV camera images that can be done on digital video recorders and / or network video recorders, ”he said.
Importantly, the SC ordered the creation of human rights courts in each district under the Human Rights Protection Law and said that complaints of torture in custody can be filed with these courts in addition to the state human rights commission. .
The SC asked the Union government to present an affidavit on the constitution and functioning of the central supervisory body. “The Union of India also has instructions to install CCTV cameras and recording equipment at the offices of CBI, NIA, ED, NCB, DRI, SFIO and any other agency that conducts interrogations and has power of arrest,” he said.

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