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Hills of Uttarakhand to get palanquins for future moms | India News


NAINITAL: Four years ago, on a rainy day in July, Radha Devi died while giving birth to her baby. The 35-year-old lived in the remote village of Lwardobha in Nainital, the nearest primary health center was 60 km away. The ambulance did not arrive on time and he died of excessive bleeding. Not much has changed over the years.
With repeated cases of women losing their lives because they could not access institutional care for childbirth, the Nainital district administration has devised a solution adapted to the difficult terrain: palanquins.
“We have released the necessary money. The palanquins will carry women in labor from remote villages to the nearest health facility, ”said Nainital DM Savin Bansal. “Each panchayat in the mountainous regions can contact the health department and request in advance the number of palanquins they think they would need.”
For a palanquin trip, the district has reserved 2,000 rupees, which will also cover labor costs. Medical officers will oversee the process. “Money is flexible. We will provide more, if necessary, ”he said.

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