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Disruptive forces don’t want a solution to farmers’ protest: parliament’s interior minister


Madhya Pradesh Interior Minister Narottam Mishra said on Wednesday that a meaningful dialogue was taking place between the central government and farmers’ representatives, but that there were certain disruptive forces who did not want a solution to the problems raised by the farmers.

In response to questions from journalists about farmers’ protests in Delhi against the new agricultural laws, the minister during his visit to Jabalpur said: “A meaningful dialogue is taking place with farmers. I feel like the solution will be there after the talks with the farmers. But there are certain disruptive forces that have gotten there uninvited and don’t want a solution. They are trying to cause disruptions. “

He said: “These are the forces behind the protest against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the National Citizen Registry (NRC) in Shaheen Bagh. But our farmers are smart enough to identify such elements. Therefore, I am sure that we will see a solution to the problems raised by farmers. “

Meanwhile, large numbers of farmers in 50 tractors and carts from Gwalior left for New Delhi to join the farmers’ protest against the farm laws.

Gwalior collector Kaushlendra Singh said: “We tried to convince farmers not to go to Delhi, but they didn’t listen.”

(With input from Mahesh Shivhare in Gwalior)

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