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Central Vista Redevelopment: Underground Transit to Transport 20,000 People at Peak Hours


A dedicated transit system connecting the 10 buildings being constructed as part of the new Central Secretariat complex, itself part of the ongoing redevelopment of Vista Central, will be accessible from the Central Secretariat Metro station and will transport up to 20,000 people during peak hours, keeping much of the movement between underground buildings, and also making it easier for commuters to transit to their offices from metro stations.

“The transport of people will be accessible from the level of the esplanade of the Central Secretariat metro station, which is an interchange of the Yellow and Violet lines. The people carrier will be connected to the Central Secretariat buildings in the basement, ”said Bimal Patel, Head of Design, Planning and Management at HCP Private Limited, consultant and architect for the Central Vista remodel project.

A people mover is a small-scale transit system that is mainly used to service a small area such as airports and parks. The feasibility study for the underground transit project was carried out, HCP Design said. People transport will have coaches and run on electricity like the Metro, but the technology with which it will run has not yet been developed by the Central Department of Public Works (CPWD), the government’s construction arm and the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation ( DMRC). ).

The two are also working on the alignment, technology and construction details, the consultant said. CPWD and DMRC officials declined to comment.

Under the Vista Central project, a common Central Secretariat, a new Parliament House building and the residences of the Prime Minister and Vice President will be built. The new Parliament building will be ready by 2022. A part of the new Central Secretariat, which will house the offices of all central ministries, will be completed by 2023.

The deadline for the completion of the entire project is 2024.

The People Mover, an underground transit facility 3 km long (approximately) was initially intended to connect with two Metro stations: Central Secretariat and Udyog Bhawan, but the latter was found to be not feasible as it is not a station for interchange and its distance from the proposed passenger transport corridor is a problem.

While the People Mover will connect the 10 buildings of the new Central Secretariat, which will house 51 ministries, it will not be connected to the new Parliament building.

The Metro Station of the Central Secretariat is one of the main interchange stations in the DMRC network. The station provides an interchange between the Yellow (Samaypur Badhi-HUDA city center) and Violet (Kashmere Gate-Raja Nahar Singh (Ballabhgarh) lines.

The 38 km long yellow line is the busiest, carrying an average of 1.45 million people a day before the pandemic.

The people transporter will have four stations, one for each group of three buildings of the Central Secretariat.

“The buildings will be connected by an underground people transporter and by a surface ferry. These facilities will make the Central Secretariat a transit-oriented development. The plan is under development and will be finalized in coordination with all other projects that are being developed as part of the redevelopment of Central Vista, ”said Patel.

The group of three buildings will be connected to the station by a walkway with travellators in the basement to ensure safe and smooth movement of people.

Traffic volume in the Central Vista area will increase once the remodeling project is complete. Connectivity to the Metro is essential because 44% of people who currently work in multiple offices in Central Vista use it, according to a survey conducted by HCP. In addition to the transport of people, the capacity of the roads will also be increased.

HCP wants to increase this proportion to 50%, which is where the moving crowd comes in. As for traffic, according to HCP, “it will be managed by providing greater road capacity, exclusive access lanes and better entry and exit to the Central Secretariat. The Central Secretariat is planned to provide visitor parking to avoid the street parking that is prevalent today. There will be dedicated bays for buses and taxis … ”

Amit Bhatt, director of transport for WRI India, said that transporting people “is a good idea, but its success will depend on its integration with the existing transit system, including modes of payment. In addition to providing alternative modes of public transport, it is important to put in place mechanisms to discourage the use of private vehicles … It is not enough to provide a public transport system … “

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