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Bihar polls: 100% match on VVPAT slips and EVM counts | India News


NEW DELHI: VVPAT ballots counted at 1,215 randomly selected polling stations in 243 constituencies in Bihar’s recent elections were 100% consistent with the corresponding EVM count, the Election Commission said Wednesday. The disclosure comes despite several allegations of wrongdoing on the day of the account, in particular from the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD).
In accordance with the norm established by the Supreme Court, the VVPAT ballots are compared with the counting of the votes in the corresponding EVMs for five polling stations, at random, in each segment of the assembly. Per the rules, in the unlikely event that the VVPAT voucher count does not match the EVM vote count, it is the VVPAT voucher count that is taken as final when calculating the result.
Electors in Mahagathbandhan, including RJD and Congress, had alleged lapses in the counting process in Bihar on the day of the counting of votes in seats where the margins of victory were narrow. RJD leader Manof Jha alleged that the leaders of the ruling JD (U) and BJP were “misusing their official power” to delay the delivery of certificates to the winning candidates and thus leaving the possibility of alter the end results. Congressional Randeep Surjewala also alleged that in Kishanganj, the Congressional candidate had won by 1266 votes, but had denied a winning certificate.
The Electoral Commission, for its part, had denied any allegation of irregularities in the scrutiny process.
In the 2019 Lok Sabha polls, eight cases of mismatch between the VVPAT slip count and the EVM count were reported, with the largest difference being 34 votes.

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