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UP reduces the rate of the RT-PCR test. This is what it costs in other states


The Uttar Pradesh government on Tuesday reduced the price of the RT-PCR test to detect coronavirus disease (Covid-19) in private laboratories to 700 rupees and said it will cost 900 rupees if performed at home. State governments can decide the rates for various Covid-19 testing methods, including the real-time polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR) test, which is considered the gold standard by medical professionals around the world.

This is what they cost in these states:


The Delhi government has capped the price of RT-PCR tests to Rs 800 for all private laboratories, reducing the amount from Rs 2,400.


The Gujarat government has reduced the price of RT-PCR tests performed by private laboratories for Covid-19 to Rs 800 from Rs 1,500. The charge for the RT-PCR test will be Rs 1,100 if a laboratory assistant is called at home to collect samples.


The price of an RT-PCR test is Rs 980 for laboratory tests and Rs 1,800 for internal sample collections in the western state.

Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra Pradesh government has set the price of test samples sent to private laboratories at Rs 1,600, reducing it from Rs 2,400. For people who give samples directly in laboratories recognized by the Indian Council of Medical Research, the rates have been limited to Rs 1,900.


For samples collected in private laboratories, the price for RT-PCR tests has been set at 850 rupees, a revision of the previous 2,200 rupees. For samples collected at home, prices have been reduced to Rs 1,200 from the previous Rs 2,800. All revised prices include charges for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and others.


The Kerala government has drastically lowered the rates of all available tests for coronavirus disease. RT-PCR tests now cost Rs 2,100, previously they were limited to Rs 2,750. TrueNat tests are capped at Rs 2,100, the cost of the antigen test at Rs 625 and GeneXpert at Rs 2,500.

west bengal

The West Bengal government capped the price of RT-PCR tests in the state to 1,500 rupees, for tests carried out by private laboratories. It was marked at Rs 2,250 earlier.


Jharkhand has capped the prices of RT-PCR tests for hospitals and private laboratories by Rs 1,500. This was the second such intervention by the state government, which had previously lowered the prices of RT-PCR tests from Rs 4,500 to Rs 2,400.


The state government has capped the prices of all available tests, for rapid tests to Rs 500 and for RT-PCR and TrueNat to Rs 3,200 each. BPL cardholder families were exempt from any type of payment.


Assam’s Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma announced a ‘tatkal’ RT-PCR testing system in Assam. If patients spent 2,200 rupees, the results will be delivered within 24 hours, as the free trial results will be delivered after five days.


The state government has slashed the prices of RT-PCR tests performed by private laboratories by 1,200 rupees from the previous cost of 2,200 rupees.

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