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Those in the forces deserve special treatment: Delhi High Court | India News


NEW DELHI: Members of the armed forces, who take an oath to lay down their lives for the country, deserve special treatment and should not be “turned into ping pong” when seeking relief, the Delhi high court said.
HC also observed that the oath to be taken by the President, the Vice President, the governors of the states or the judges of the Supreme Court and the HC does not oblige them to give their lives to the service of the country while only the members of the armed forces are Those who are obliged to do so by the Constitution and other laws will swear to abide by the mandate given to them by the President or any official entrusted to them, even at the risk of life.
The reminder to all interested parties came from a bench of Justices Rajiv Sahai Endlaw and Asha Menon as they listened to a batch of 40 petitions challenging an order issued by the Ministry of Defense (MoD) granting the pro-rated pension benefit only to commissioned defense officers. services and not to non-commissioned officers (NCO) / People below the rank of officer (PBOR).
The petitioners, NCO / PBOR who joined the Indian Air Force (IAF) as airmen / corporals, argued through defender Pallavi Awasthi, who said that the order from the Defense Ministry is discriminatory and claims a prorated pension.
HC allowed the petitions and ordered the IAF to pay the petitioners within 12 weeks of prorated pension arrears from the discharge date to the payment date. He said that the future pro-rated pension will be paid to them starting in March 2021 and made it clear that if arrears are not paid within 12 weeks, it will also bear 7 percent annual interest from the 12-week maturity to the date of payment.
The prorated pension is the proportional pension for public service that is calculated according to the government pension rules. The bank said: “Members of a force, who swear to give their lives for the country, form a distinct class and deserve special treatment. They should not be unnecessarily harassed and ping pong, sending them from one adjudication forum to another. ”

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