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NSCN (IM) Accuses Nagaland Governor Of Plotting To Hijack Peace Talks


Nagaland Governor RN Ravi’s message to the people on the eve of the 58th day of Nagaland statehood, praising the 16-Point Agreement that led to the formation of the Nagaland state, has angered the Isak-Muivah faction of the Council Nagaland National Socialist (NSCN-IM) and the influential Naga Student Federation (NSF).

The two organizations have separately condemned the governor’s statement saying that the Naga people have rejected the agreement.

The 16 Point Agreement, signed between the Naga People’s Convention (NPC) and the government of India in 1960, had led to the formation of the Nagaland state in 1963.

“His (Ravi) statement reminds the Naga people once again how, under the leadership of AZ Phizo, the Nagas’ war of resistance against the Indian colonialists was manipulated by IB (Intelligence Office) officials who tied up some of the traitorous Naga individuals, mostly Indian government employees who formed a superfluous body called NPC. The NPC came out of nowhere and signed the 16 Point Agreement where the Naga solution was hijacked and a status was accepted under the Indian Constitution giving a point of support for the Indian government to assert that from there the Nagas were part of India, ”the NSCN (IM) said in a statement on Tuesday.

The NSCN (IM), which has been in talks with the central government for the past 23 years, alleged that the statement by Ravi, who is also the interlocutor for the Naga Center for Peace Talks, clearly exposes that another is brewing. NPC.

“Your claim that some of the civil societies under your payroll are the main stakeholders in the Indo-Naga issue and therefore your decision must be supreme is a sham. This is the same RN Ravi who was a signatory to the 2015 Framework Agreement signed between the government of India and the NSCN representing the Naga people, and also signed with the 7 NNPGs in 2017, ”the group said.

He argued that the Center and the Naga people were fully committed to resolving the protracted issue by peaceful means, and therefore the talks were in a final stage. However, the organization accused Ravi, who is a former IB official, of plotting to hijack the 23-year-old peace talks in the same style as the NPC.

On the Governor’s declaration that India as a nation has sovereign territory and can only have one constitution and one national flag, the NSCN (IM) stated that at the same time Nagaland must also have sovereign territory, one constitution and one national flag within which the two must share sovereign powers and peacefully coexist as two entities as agreed in the framework agreement where Ravi himself is a signatory.

The NSCN (IM) advised the governor “not to bite off more than he can chew when it comes to the Indo-Naga affair” and said his threat was unfazed.

The NSF, an influential student body in the region, also denounced the governor’s message glorifying the 16 Point Agreement when in reality the Naga people have repudiated it as it only sowed the seeds of division. The NSF said that Ravi’s statement was a superficial attempt to mislead the Naga people.

“… the governor’s claim that it has been the best thing that has happened to the Naga people only reveals his superficial understanding of Naga history and also the narrow walls within which he has been trying to solve the controversial Indo-political problem. Naga, ”the NSF stated.

He reminded the governor that the apparent failure of the contested agreement to resolve the Naga political issue had led to a ceasefire and political dialogue with the Naga National Council in 1964, followed by the endless political dialogue that has led to the present day.

“The federation calls on the interlocutor to refrain from promoting the old ‘carrot and stick’ policy and to adopt a more pragmatic approach to ensure that the interests of the two entities are maintained through the political solution,” he said.

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