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“Indian security forces entered Pakistan 200 meters to unearth the tunnel used by terrorists to infiltrate” | India News


"Indian security forces entered Pakistan 200 meters to unearth the tunnel used by terrorists to infiltrate" | India News

Materials recovered from a cross-border tunnel in Samba, J&K, allegedly used by terrorists to infiltrate last month (ANI)

NEW DELHI: Indian security forces in a recent operation traveled nearly 200 meters into the Pakistani side to unearth a tunnel that was used by terrorists to infiltrate Indian territory, a senior government official said Tuesday.
“The security forces entered Pakistan for almost 200 meters, which was the starting point of the tunnel, used by the terrorists killed last week by the Indian forces,” said a senior official.
On 22 November, a 150 meter long underground tunnel suspected of being used by terrorists to infiltrate near the international border was detected in the Samba sector of Jammu and Kashmir.
In the third week of November, security forces recovered mobile phones from terrorists killed by them, helping the forces unearth a tunnel.
On Tuesday, the Director General of the Border Security Force (BSF), Rakesh Asthana, spoke about the operation during Uprising Day, saying: “Based on the analysis of mobile phones recovered from terrorists eliminated by the forces of security, on November 22, the BSF unearthed a tunnel used by terrorists to infiltrate the Samba sector “.
Asthana said this on BSF Fundraising Day while giving a speech. Although DG BSF did not say anything about the operational part.
The tunnel was detected in a joint operation by the Border Security Force (BSF) and the Jammu and Kashmir police.
“It appears that the terrorists involved in the Nagrotra encounter used this 150 meter long tunnel as it is new. We believe they had a guide who led them to the highway,” said BSF Jammu Frontier, Inspector General, NS Jamwal.
The exit of the tunnel was in thick bushes carefully hidden and meticulously covered with dirt and wild vegetation. The tunnel mouth was reinforced and reinforced by the marked sandbags from Karachi, Pakistan. It was a newly dug tunnel and it looks like it is being used for the first time. It seems that an adequate engineering effort has been made in the realization of the tunnel that shows the hand of the establishment.
On November 19, security forces neutralized four terrorists at the Nagrota meeting in Jammu and Kashmir.


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