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Getting married with a fundamental right of choice: Karnataka HC | India News


BENGALURU: The Karnataka High Court has said that it is well established that “the right of any significant individual to marry the person of their choice is a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution of India”, echoing previous observations of the high Allahabad and Delhi court. courts that uphold the right to marry a person of your choice.
The Karnataka HC division bank comprising justices S Sujatha Sachin Shankar Magadum, who was handling a case involving two software professionals on November 27, added that “such freedom relating to the personal relationships of two individuals does not it can be invaded by anyone regardless of caste or religion. ”
The observations came in response to a habeas corpus petition filed by HB Wajeed Khan, a Bengaluru resident and software engineer, who had approached the court seeking instructions to present Ramya G, a software engineer and colleague, and release her.

Getting married with a fundamental right of choice: Karnataka HC | India News

Following the court’s instructions, the Chandra Layout police brought Ramya to court on November 27. His parents, Gangadhar and Girija, as well as Wajeed Khan and his mother, Sreelakshmi, were present.
Ramya told the court that she was staying at the Mahila Dakshatha Samithi NGO, Vidyaranyapura, following a complaint she filed with the Janodaya Santwana Kendra, a family dispute resolution forum created by the department of development of women’s welfare and the boy. Ramya had alleged that her parents were infringing her right to freedom by opposing her marriage to Wajeed.
Wajeed’s mother, Sreelakshmi, said she had no objections to the marriage, but Ramya’s parents had not consented. In recording the statements, the court noted that the scope of a habeas corpus petition was limited to producing the alleged arrest before the court.
“Ramya G, being a software engineer, is capable of making a decision about her life. The Mahila Dakshata Samithi is ordered to release her immediately, ”observed the bank.

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