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Come to our langar for jalebi and pakoda along with tea: agricultural leaders to Tomar | India News


NEW DELHI: Farmers union leaders invited Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar to their protest site on Tuesday and offered to serve him ‘jalebi’ and ‘pakoda’ along with tea in his langar (community kitchen), after the The minister offered them tea during a marathon meeting with the government about its current agitation against three new agricultural laws.
“Tomar Saheb asked us to have tea during the break between the meeting, but in return we extended an invitation to him to accompany us to our protest place where we are serving tea along with jalebi and pakodas in langar. This caused everyone to laugh, “Kulwant Singh Sandhu from Jamhuri Kisan Sabha told PTI.
He said the leaders of the farmers’ unions wanted to use the break time to discuss the government’s offer to form a committee.
At the meeting, the government suggested the creation of a committee to analyze the problems raised by farmers protesting against the new agricultural laws, but it was rejected by representatives of 35 agitating organizations during their marathon meeting with three Union ministers that ended without no resolution.
The government has called another round of discussions on Thursday, December 3.

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