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BSY Secretary: No suicide attempt, took pills by mistake | India News


BENGALURU: Shortly after being released from the hospital on Monday, R Santosh, political secretary to Karnataka Prime Minister BS Yediyurappa, denied that he had attempted suicide. “The suicide attempt theory is nothing more than speculation. I felt bad due to indigestion after attending a banquet and ended up taking some other tablets incorrectly. My wife panicked and transferred me to a hospital, ”said the 31-year-old.
On the claims of the president of the state Congress, DK Shivakumar, that a video could have been the trigger for the alleged suicide attempt and that an investigation was needed, Santosh said: “He seems to have lost his mental balance after the losses in the elections. recent partials. They are also the result of recent raids against him by central agencies. ”
His claims came even when an FIR was filed against him. “The MLC ad mentioned that he had taken 12 sleeping pills. Prima facie, it seems that Santosh, for some reason, attempted suicide. We are filing a suo motu case against Santosh under Section 309 of the IPC and we have initiated legal action, ”reads the FIR.

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