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Biden and Harris send greetings for the 551st birthday of Guru Nanak | India News


WASHINGTON: Sending warmest wishes on the 551st birthday of Guru Nanak Dev, President-elect Joe Biden and his deputy Kamala Harris said Monday the founder of SikhismThe universal and timeless message of compassion and unity can inspire and help Americans heal as individuals and as a nation.
“On this day, let us remember that Guru Nanak’s eternal and universal message of compassion and unity can inspire and help us heal as individuals and as a nation,” Biden and Harris said in a joint statement.
They sent their warmest regards to Sikhs in the United States and around the world as they celebrate the 551st birthday of Guru Nanak Dev.
The president-elect and vice-president-elect said that for more than five centuries, Guru Nanak’s teachings on spiritual enlightenment, service to humanity, and moral integrity have endured and are embodied every day by Sikhs in America and around the world, as seen during this challenging year.
“We are grateful to all Sikh Americans who continue to support their neighbors as essential workers of the pandemic and who open their hearts and community kitchens in their gurdwaras to prepare, serve and deliver countless meals to those most in need,” they said.
“And during the summer of protest, we saw Sikhs of all ages peacefully marching for racial and gender equality, religious pluralism, and fidelity to truth and justice, fundamental principles of the Sikh faith and fundamental to what all we are like Americans, “Biden. and Harris said in the statement.
In another statement issued in Ottawa, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the birthday of Guru Nanak Dev was an important day for Sikh Canadians. Celebrate his life and his teachings of unity, equality, self-denial and service, he said.
“This year, as we continue to fight the global COVID-19 pandemic, those teachings have never been more important. Whether it’s supporting a local charity, being there for neighbors, or helping the most vulnerable, Sikh Canadians continue to show service. disinterested, “Trudeau said.
“This year will look different as we follow public health guidelines to keep each other and our communities safe, but the Sikh values ​​of compassion and inclusion will remain strong. These values, which form the basic principles of Sikhism, are also important. for all Canadians, “he said.
Today is an opportunity to recognize the significant contributions that Canada’s Sikh community, one of the largest and most dynamic Sikh populations in the world, makes to build a better, fairer and more inclusive Canada, Trudeau said.
The congressman said Brian Fitzpatrick sent his best wishes to the Sikh community in his district and across the country who are celebrating the birthday of Guru Nanak Dev.

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