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Shehla Rashid’s Father Alleges Daughter’s Death Threat, Seeks Fund Investigation | India News


SRINAGAR: The activist’s father and former JNU Student Union Vice President Shehla Rashid wrote to J&K DGP Dilbag Singh on Monday, saying he feared for his life after being threatened by his armed “bodyguard”. daughter to leave the family. Srinagar home because he disapproved of their political and financial dealings. Abdul Rashid Shora requested an investigation into his daughter’s finances, accusing her of receiving Rs 3 crore from two people under investigation for terrorist financing.
Shora said that Shehla had first been offered the amount through him to join a party that was to be hosted by former IAS officer Shah Faesal. Although he refused, his daughter allegedly accepted the “deal.”
Just two months before the arrest of Zahoor Watali and engineer (ex-MLA) Rashid in a terrorist financing case under the Illicit Activities Prevention Act, I was called to the former’s residence at Sanat Nagar in Srinagar. It was June 2017 and Shehla was in her last semester at JNU. They asked me to get Shehla to join the JKPM party (which had not been formed at the time) and they would give me 3 crore rupees, “he claimed.
Shora claimed to have rejected the duo right away and advised her daughter to stay away from those people. “Despite my resistance, I found my wife Zubaida Shora and my eldest daughter Asma supporting Shehla and becoming part of this arrangement along with a boy named Sakib Ahmad from downtown Srinagar, who was introduced to me as the personal security guard. of Shehla carrying a pistol, “he said.
“Shehla threatened me not to reveal this deal to anyone or my meeting with Zahoor Watali and engineer Rashid, otherwise my life would be in danger,” Shora said.
Shehla responded to the allegations with a statement on Twitter that her “abusive and violent” father was taking revenge on her for having legally prevented him from entering her home in Lal Nagar in the Chanapora neighborhood of Srinagar. He cited a November 17 court order in this regard.
“As we mourn the death of a close family member, it is extremely sad that my father has chosen this moment to launch absolutely disgusting and baseless accusations against me, my mother and my sister,” Shehla said. “The fact is that my mother, my sister and I have filed a complaint for domestic violence with the court … The false accusations that he is making are a reaction to that.”
In his complaint to the DGP, Shora said he had “a strong belief that anti-national activities are taking place in my house.”
He said that the restraining order mentioned by Shehla had been suspended by the Srinagar additional sessions judge’s court and that the authorities had been ordered to allow him to return home. “Despite the court order, the local police did not accompany me to my home. I went on my own, but Sakib and his armed associates threatened me, after which I escaped from Srinagar to Jammu.”
DGP has sent letter to IGP (Kashmir Range) for appropriate action.

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