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Leopard Enters Guwahati Girls’ Shelter; reassured and sent to the state zoo


There was panic among residents of a town in the middle of Guwahati for several hours on Monday morning after an adult leopard entered a girls’ shelter.

Forest officials took more than three hours to reassure the animal, which was trapped under a cane sofa placed in the gallery on the ground floor of the shelter where the owner is staying.

“The animal must have entered the facilities in the first hours, as seen in the images from the CCTV cameras. He walked onto the grill deck and got trapped under a sofa, ”said Mousumi Bora, owner of the Milestone-paid girls’ shelter located in the Hengerabari area of ​​the city.

“I was the first to see it. I mistook it for a piece of cloth and almost grabbed its tail before realizing what it is. We lock ourselves in and report back to forest officials. There are currently 15 girls in the shelter and they also locked themselves in their rooms immediately, ”he added.

The forest and police officers took a lot of effort to reassure the animal, as they did not have a clear view of it. But when they finally managed to hit him with an injection of tranquilizer, the leopard left the scene and entered a nearby house.

Forest officials finally managed to put the reassured animal in a cage and transport it to the Assam State Zoo around 11 a.m.

“Since the animal is sedated, it will be kept in the zoo until it wakes up. We will check if you have suffered any injuries. A microchip will be inserted into the animal and then it will be released into a forest, ”said Tejas Mariswamy, divisional forestry officer at the Assam State Zoo.

As Guwahati is surrounded by forests and hills, leopards are frequently seen in the city and sometimes enter houses. In August this year, a 6-year-old boy was killed by a leopard in the city and in June local residents had killed and paraded a leopard.

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