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HC rejects pre-arrest bond to a Surat resident who fled with diamonds worth Rs3.87 crore


On Friday, the Mumbai High Court rejected the advance bail statement from a Surat resident accused of fleeing the city with diamonds worth Rs3.87 crore.

Judge Sarang Kotwal rejected Kausang Dolchiwala’s pre-arrest bond, noting that his custody questioning was necessary to retrieve the gemstones and find the modus operandi employed by him.

An FIR was registered against Dolchiwala and Shashikant Shah by the Bandra Kurla Complex on August 4, based on a complaint filed by the diamond dealer Piyush Jogani.

Jogani said Shah had sent him a WhatsApp message in June that he wanted diamonds for a client. Jogani then went to Shah’s office at BMC and gave him diamonds worth Rs62.85 lakh. At the time, Jogani added, Dolchiwala was also present in Shah’s office. The men took the diamonds and signed receipts against them.

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Jogani said other diamond dealers had also delivered diamonds to the duo that day. Many of them later went to Shah’s office and asked him to return the diamonds. However, he expressed his inability to do so, claiming that Dolchiwala had taken them all. Jogani added that an attempt was made to contact Dolchiwala at his residence in Surat, but could not be located.

Meanwhile, Dolchiwala had applied to the higher court for a pre-arrest bond, claiming that he was improperly implicated in the case as a defendant and had nothing to do with the misappropriation of the diamonds. He added that he was simply sitting with Shah, who accepted all the diamonds.

However, Deputy Prosecutor SR Agarkar noted that the investigation has revealed that Dolchiwala took all the diamonds. He noted that CCTV footage collected by the police showed that both Shah and Dolchiwala accepted the gemstones and signed the receipts, and then Shah handed the diamonds to the Surat resident, who put them in his pockets and left Shah’s office.

Agarkar also noted that Dolchiwala had taken Rs3.87 crore worth of diamonds. “The investigation carried out so far has revealed that the diamonds delivered by the informant were stolen by the present applicant. His complicity in the crime is demonstrated during the investigation, ”said the judge, rejecting Dolchiwala’s allegation.

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