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Government invites Kisan Union to talks on December 1 in Vigyan Bhawan: Narendra Singh Tomar


Amid ongoing protests by farmers against the new farm laws, the Union’s agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar on Monday invited the leaders of the farmers’ unions for a dialogue on December 1.

The meeting will be held at 3 pm in Vigyan Bhawan here, the minister said.

“On November 13 we decided to hold the next round of talks on December 3 but Farmers continued with their protest and with the Covid situation and with the winters we decided that we had to speak before December 3 and resolve the situation. That is why on December 1 at 3 pm in Vigyan Bhawan all the unions from Kisan who were present in the first round of the meeting are invited, ”Tomar told ANI here.

Tomar said that the farmers were under some misunderstanding regarding the recently enacted agricultural laws and that the government is committed to dialogue with the Kisan unions that were present at the first round of meetings with the government.

“Under Modiji’s leadership, in the past six years, to increase farmers’ income, a lot of historic work was done. When the new farm amendment laws came along, farmers had some myths in mind. We held two meeting sessions with Kisan Unions, the first on October 14 at the secretary level and on November 13 I was there with Piyush Goyal and Som Prakash and spoke with Kisan Unions, ”added Tomar.

The farmers had rejected the Center’s ‘conditional’ offer to hold talks, saying they would not accept any conditional dialogue and threatened to block entry points to the national capital.

Farmers from different states have gathered in the Burari field of North Delhi, while others are camping on the borders of the national capital. The agriculture minister also called on farmers to stop the agitation and come to the talks.

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