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‘For some inheritance means the name of his family’: the veiled mockery of Prime Minister Modi in Congress


On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi did a veiled dig into dynastic politics by referring to a century-old statue of the goddess Annapurna, which was stolen more than a hundred years ago and handed over to India by Canada. Without naming the Congress party, the Prime Minister said the statue would have returned to its original home in Varanasi if such efforts had been made earlier.

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Speaking of legacy and heritage, Prime Minister Modi said that for him the heritage of the country is based only on its culture and values, unlike many others in this country, who value family above all else. “It is true that if so much effort had been made earlier, the country would have recovered many of those idols. But some people have a different thinking. For us, heritage means the heritage of the country, but for some people, heritage means your name and that of your family. For us, heritage means our culture, our faith. For them, heritage means their own statues, their family photos, ”he said while participating in Dev Deepawali celebrations in his parliamentary constituency.

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“It is thanks to your blessings that Kashi’s inheritance returns. Kashi got dressed after hearing this news, ”the prime minister told his constituents about the statue of the goddess Annapurna that was stolen in 1913 and smuggled into Canada.

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He also touched on the issue of Kashi development and criticized those who had opposed the implementation of the Kashi-Vishwanath corridor. “When the development work for Kashi started, the protesters protested just to protest. When Kashi decided that the Vishwanath Corridor would be built up to Baba’s court, the protesters also had a lot to say about it, but today Kashi’s glory is being revived by Baba’s grace. Centuries ago, the direct connection of Baba’s court with Maa Ganga is being re-established, ”he said.

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He spoke briefly about the farmers’ protest underway in Delhi and argued that the new farm laws will give farmers freedom from all intermediaries. The Prime Minister also offered prayers at the Kashi Vishwanath Temple together with Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on the occasion of Dev Deepawali. He also lit a clay lamp at Raj Ghat and that same day he inaugurated the six-lane widening project of the Rajatalab section of National Highway 19.

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