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Coronavirus Vaccine News: Serum Institute of India to Present Rs 100 Crore Case Following Statement of Man’s Vaccine Trial Distress | India News


The Serum Institute of India released a statement on Sunday about a participant in its Covid vaccine trial who became seriously ill during the trial, stating that “there is absolutely no correlation with the vaccine trial and the medical condition of the volunteer.”
Describing the allegations in the legal notice sent by the participant’s family as “malicious and ill-conceived,” the statement says that while the company is sympathetic to the volunteer’s medical condition, he “falsely blames his medical problems on the trial of the vaccine”. ”.
By stating that the medical team had specifically informed the trial participant that the complications he suffered were independent of the vaccine trial, the company claimed that the volunteer nevertheless went public “for oblique financial reasons.” He added that he would seek damages in excess of Rs 100 million.
However, the statement from the Serum Institute said nothing about why the company itself had not made public the occurrence of an adverse event during the trial.
The Comptroller General of Drugs of India and the institutional ethics committee are investigating whether the adverse event that a participant in the Covid-19 vaccine trial in Chennai is said to have suffered is related to the injection he was given.
A 40-year-old business consultant has sought compensation of Rs 5 million for allegedly suffering from severe neurological and psychological symptoms after taking the dose.

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