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Concerned about states using terrorism as an instrument of their state policy: India in the SCO | India News


NEW DELHI: India has raised concerns about state sponsorship of terrorism at the SCO meeting with Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, stating that “terrorism, in particular cross-border terrorism, was the most significant challenge we face.”
He said that India condemns terrorism in all its manifestations, but is particularly concerned about countries that use terrorism as an instrument of state policy.
This is the first time that the summit-level meeting has been held under the presidency of India since the country became a full member of the organization.
Alluding to Pakistan raising bilateral issues at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting, Naidu said this goes against the spirit of multilateral forums.
“It is unfortunate to note that there were attempts to deliberately bring bilateral issues to the SCO and openly violate well-established principles and norms of the SCO Charter. Such acts are counterproductive to the spirit of consensus that defined the SCO,” he said.
“The most important challenge we face is terrorism, particularly cross-border terrorism … India condemns terrorism in all its manifestations. We are particularly concerned by states that exploit terrorism as an instrument of their state policy,” he added.
India also proposed reforms in global institutions, including the WHO. “The sociopolitical impact of Covid-19 has been more acute and has exposed the weakness of global institutions. This is the time to introduce much-needed reforms in our global institutions, including the WHO, and rework our development strategies to address a post-Covid-19 world, “Naidu said.
“More than 60 percent of the vaccines for global immunization programs are being manufactured in India. More than 30 indigenous vaccines for Covid-19 are currently being developed in our country, three of them are in an advanced stage, “he added.
India also proposed several new initiatives to advance the trade, economic and cultural agenda.
“During our presidency of our term, we proposed to create a special task force on startups and innovations. India has created a strong dynamic environment for start-ups. India made an offer to host a special task force for start-ups annually” Naidu added .
He said the ties between India and the SCO region have flourished uninterruptedly for thousands of years. “By 2025, India’s GDP is expected to reach 5 trillion. It will be the youngest nation with an average age of 29.”
Speaking about the coronavirus pandemic, the vice president said that India has shown “resilience” and ensured the country’s economic stability, which has been recognized in the world community.
“India has bravely fought the global pandemic and shown remarkable resilience in fighting the virus and ensuring economic stability. India has kept its Covid-19 death rate at the lowest level in the world. The efforts Indians have found global recognition, “he said. .
During the meeting, India also extended an invitation to the SCO member states for the SCO Food Festival.
“To mark the 20th anniversary of the SCO in 2021, India will also host the SCO Food Festival in India. I would like to extend an invitation to all member states to participate in this event,” Naidu said.
India assumed the Presidency of the SCO Council of Heads of Government on November 2, 2019, as per the rotation of the previous President – Uzbekistan and will complete its one-year term on November 30, 2020, by hosting the 19th session of the Council of the OCS. of Heads of Government (CHG).

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