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WPO Urges Prime Minister to Immediately Address Protesting Farmers’ Concerns | India News


NEW DELHI: The Punjabi World Organization (PTO) on Sunday urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to immediately address the concerns of farmers, who are protesting against new farm laws.
WPO International President Vikramjit S Sahney said farmers have expressed concern over issues such as minimum price support, fear that private companies will buy their products at unremunerative prices and loss of ownership of their products. lands in due time.
The government should work with them to clarify and address these concerns, it said in a statement.
He said state governments should also address concerns about the high market fees and commissions currently being charged and ensure these funds are used for investments in storage and post-harvest preservation.
“It is sad to note that over the years not much investment has been made in the agricultural value chain, which has resulted in the current difficult situation for farmers who are still in debt,” Sahney added.
Farmers protesting the Center’s three farm laws have expressed fear that the laws will pave the way for the dismantling of the minimum support price system.

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