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Will Hold Punjab CM Responsible If Farmer Meetings Aggravate Covid In Haryana: Khattar | India News

Will Hold Punjab CM Responsible If Farmer Meetings Aggravate Covid In Haryana: Khattar | India News

CHANDIGARH: Haryana Prime Minister Manohar Lal Khattar said on Sunday that he would hold his Punjab counterpart Amarinder Singh responsible if the gathering of farmers at the state borders with Delhi leads to a worsening of the Covid-19 situation in the state.
Khattar made the claim, noting that the Haryana government had recently decided to limit the number of people attending social gatherings such as marriages, religious and political functions to contain the recent surge in COVD-19 cases in Haryana.
“In view of the increase in coronavirus cases, we had decided to limit indoor gatherings to 100 and outdoor gatherings to 200 for all kinds of functions, including family, political and religious,” Khattar told reporters on Hisar al margin of an event. “he said.
Referring to the Hisar event, he said: “Even today for this function here, we allow only 200 people.”
With thousands of Punjab farmers reaching the Delhi borders and making their way through Haryana in the call to protest against the three core agricultural laws, Khatar said he was surprised that the Punjab government encouraged the movement of such gatherings. large in the middle of the pandemic.
“Who will be responsible if this disease has an impact here?” he asked, adding: “I will hold the government of Punjab responsible if the (Covid) situation (in Haryana) escalates.”
Khattar, who has been involved in a war of words with Amarinder Singh, reiterated that he had tried to speak to him on many occasions by phone during the “Delhi Chalo” farmers march, “but the latter does not accept it now.”
“And now that the record of how many times I tried to talk to him has been shown, he (Amarinder) had no response,” he added.
“Since this is a program sponsored by the Punjab Congress and government, now they want to escape accepting things,” he said.
On Saturday, Khattar had alleged that some political parties and organizations were sponsoring the farmers’ uproar against the Center’s farm laws.
Justifying why the Haryana authorities initially detained Punjab farmers at the interstate borders, Khattar said: “We detained them and told them that no one would allow such large gatherings in Delhi, but they did not listen and forcibly went ahead.
“We said we will not use force. And I do not consider the use of water cannons and tear gas projectiles as the use of force,” he said, referring to their use by the Haryana police to prevent Punjab farmers from Enter Haryana.
Attacking Amarinder Singh, he said that the Punjab CM did not even use appropriate language for him.
“It is not for a prime minister. At least because of the way he’s behaved, I’m not going to do that, “he added.
Of thousands of farmers besieging the Sonipat border in Haryana with Delhi, he said the Center has already told farmers that it is ready to speak with them if they move to the designated ground for their protest at Burari in Delhi.
Haryana’s Interior Minister Anil Vij also urged farmers to move to the Burari farm in Delhi after the Center’s assurance that he would speak to them.
“But their insistence on protesting at interstate borders indicates that their purpose is something else,” Vij said.


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