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New farm laws have started to mitigate farmers’ problems in no time: PM Modi in Mann ki Baat | India News


NEW DELHI: Amid ongoing protests by a section of farmers against the new farm laws, Prime Minister Narendra Modi claimed on Sunday that these farm reforms have not only freed farmers from various shackles, but have also given them new rights and opportunities.
Addressing his monthly Mann Ki Baat radio show, Modi said that recent agricultural reforms have started to mitigate farmers’ problems in a short period of time, citing the example of a Maharashtra farmer who used the provisions of the new laws to get the promised money. to him by a merchant.
“For centuries, these demands of farmers that at one time or another all the political parties had promised them, have now been fulfilled. After deep deliberations, Parliament recently passed land reform laws,” he said.
“These reforms have not only freed farmers from various shackles, but have also given them new rights and opportunities. In such a short time, these rights have started to reduce problems for farmers,” he said.
His comments come at a time when thousands of farmers, mostly from Punjab, have clung to Delhi’s border points and hundreds have gathered on the city’s Burari field, united in their determination to hold protests against the new agricultural laws.
In his radio broadcast, Modi addressed various other topics ranging from the idol of the goddess Annapurna, stolen in 1913 from Varanasi, which was brought back to India from Canada, to emphasizing that educational institutions should take advantage of strengths and talents. of his students.
Remembering Guru Nanak Dev, whose birthday is Monday, Modi praised his lofty ideals, adding that he considered himself fortunate for his participation in various works related to Sikh gurus and gurudwaras.
He also praised the opening of the Kartarpur Sahib corridor in November last year as historic.
In his comments, Modi also spoke about a gurudwara in Kutch, which is considered very sacred and special.
In the broadcast, he recalled the work of Dr. Salim Ali, an Indian ornithologist and naturalist.
“There are many clubs and societies that are passionate about bird watching. I hope everyone finds out more about them,” Modi said.
The culture of India is gaining popularity around the world, he noted.
“One of those efforts is that of Jonas Masetti, who is based in Brazil and popularizes Vedanta and Gita among the people there. It uses technology effectively to popularize our culture and our spirit,” Modi said.
The prime minister also praised Gaurav Sharma, the MP from Hamilton West, New Zealand, for taking the oath in Sanskrit.

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