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Mumbai Tailor’s ‘Dwarf’ Daughters Overcome Obstacles, Break NEET | India News


MUMBAI: For years, their diminutive stature made some wonder if they would do something meaningful with their lives, but the Idrisi sisters, Zubaida (22), who is 3.5 feet tall and Humaira (22), who is 3.9 feet tall, have already turned into mini celebrities. in his neighborhood of Nagpada. They qualified on this year’s Medical Entrance Exam (NEET) and were recently admitted to MBBS.
The Idrisi sisters who live with three other brothers and parents, Father Ahsanullah, who is a tailor and Mother Rukhsar, a housewife, could not have attended the MBBS course had it not been for a chance encounter with Ashfaque Moosa of the Khidmat Charitable Trust last year.
A local NGO has a dispensary in a corner of Nagpada, which Zubaida and Humaira visited to collect medicine. Moosa, also called Ashfaque bhai, was at the dispensary at the time. Upon learning that they had abandoned their dream of being a doctor, Ashfaque bhai said, “If a six-foot child needs 600 NEET marks to enter MBBS, you need less than half of that.” In new investigations, the sisters found that their condition was covered in the reserved category of “different disabled” and that they could shoot NEETs.
The sisters then landed in a training institute and were nearly rejected by a staff member citing their “inadequate” height. His photos were sent to the institute’s headquarters in Kota, which approved his admission with a 60% concession on fees. “They got so involved in the studies that I had to remind them about food,” says their mother. “They have made us proud.”

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