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In India’s vision of the BJP-RSS, Adivasis and Dalits should not have access to education: Rahul Gandhi | India News


NEW DELHI: Congressional Leader Rahul Gandhi on Sunday attacked the government over a media report claiming that the scholarship for 60 lakh students from South Carolina schools was stagnant after core funding ran out and alleged that, in the “view of the BJP-RSS of India, those did not have access to education”.
Along with his tweet attacking the government, Gandhi tagged the media report saying that a key core scholarship scheme to help more than 60 lakhs of students from the scheduled caste of classes 11 and 12 complete their education almost closed. in more than 14 states after the Center ended. funding to states under a 2017 formula.
“In BJP / RSS India’s view, Adivasis and Dalits should not have access to education,” Gandhi argued.
“Stopping scholarships for SC-ST students is their way to end that justifies their means,” the former head of Congress said in the tweet.

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