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Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation conducts a litmus test for all parties | India News


The greatest strength of the pink party is the development work undertaken in the city. The party claims that the works amounting to RS 67,140 crore were carried out in six years. TRS has around 6 lakh members and 100 practicing corporations. It has about 40 ex-officio members at GHMC who will help retain the office of mayor. Large numbers of Muslim voters are likely to support the ruling party. Although TRS officially denies having any pact with AIMIM, the party supports TRS in seats where it has not presented candidates.

Both young and unemployed students are unhappy with the ruling party due to lack of opportunities. The party faces criticism for the way it handled the recent flood situation in the city. Opposition parties are using the LRS and Dharani website problems as weapons in their campaign.

Lack of cadre strength in Congress and the BJP may help TRS in this election. The party recently eliminated the 50 percent property tax for residential properties, which is likely to benefit the party. Apart from this, many middle and lower middle class families benefited from social assistance plans and will support TRS.

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