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‘Agricultural reforms have brought new rights and opportunities to farmers,’ Prime Minister Modi says amid protests


Prime Minister Narendra Modi reassured farmers on recently enacted farm laws on Sunday when he said that with the latest reforms in the agricultural sector, farmers have new opportunities.

“Parliament recently passed land reform laws after rigorous brainstorming. These reforms have not only broken the shackles of farmers, but have also given them new rights and opportunities, ”Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during Mann Ki Baat.

“Demands made by farmers over the years, which all governments had only promised to meet so far, have finally been met with the new reforms,” ​​Prime Minister Modi also said.

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The prime minister also cited an example of a Maharashtra-based farmer, Jitendra Bhoiji, who used the new law to recover money owed to him. Prime Minister Modi said that after he was unable to get the full agreed amount even four months after selling his product, Jitendra got his money back using the provision of the new law that specifies that it is mandatory to pay farmers within three days. subsequent purchase of the product.

“If the payment is not made, the farmer can file a complaint. The law establishes that the SDM of the area must deal with the farmer’s complaint within a month ”, said the prime minister.

When farmers have the power of such a law, the problem will be solved. He filed a complaint and received his dues within a few days. Knowledge of the law is important and it is important to have the correct information, ”he said.

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Prime Minister Modi further called on farmers to stay away from rumors and false information, as he said, “correct information is a great support for all people in all sectors.”

The comments come as farmers in Punjab and Haryana protest against farm laws. They have been camping in and around Delhi demanding that the Center withdraw the laws.

Farmers protest against the Agricultural Products Trade and Trade (Promotion and Facilitation) Act of 2020, the Farmers’ Agreement (Empowerment and Protection) on Price Guarantee and the Agricultural Services Act of 2020 and the Essential Products Act (Amendment ) of 2020.

Opposition parties supporting the protests have criticized the laws as “anti-farmer,” while the government says the three laws will cut down middlemen, allowing farmers to sell their produce in commercial markets.

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