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Traffic chaos continues at the city borders


The Singhu and Tikri borders were closed to traffic on Saturday for the second day in a row due to protests by farmers. Motorists commuting between Delhi and Haryana faced massive disruptions even as traffic police said the situation was better than on Friday due to awareness among commuters about the restrictions.

The traffic police made a series of detours and deployed their personnel along the affected routes.

However, a large number of workers and laborers moving between Delhi and Haryana across the two borders, whether for work or for other reasons, still found themselves fighting. Dozens of them were seen carrying their luggage on their head and back and crossing both borders in the absence of public transport.

Chand Pal, a physically disabled man, said that he had arrived from his hometown in Madhya Pradesh, landed at Anand Vihar, but had to walk near the border with luggage on his back. “I work in a factory in Bhiwani. I need to get into Haryana anyway and take a bus from wherever I can because there is no public transport on the Delhi border, ”Pal said at the Tikri border after having to walk almost a kilometer on crutches and more thereafter.

On Saturday, the traffic police used their Twitter account to list a number of other border points where people could enter Haryana from Delhi. These included Jharoda, Dhansa, Rajokri, Bijwasan, Dundahera, Badarpur, Palam Vihar, and Daurala.

And yet a large number of motorists were confused about the borders they could access. They tweeted to the Delhi Traffic Police for status updates and in response asked to dial the traffic helpline for the latest

Taj Hassan, special commissioner of the traffic police, however, said that the updates were transmitted correctly on his social networks.

Otherwise, the officer said that the traffic situation on Saturday was much more relaxed than on Friday. “Most of the motorists did not go towards the two borders because they were better informed of the situation on Saturday. Only the locals traveled in those areas and were aware of alternative routes, ”Hassan said.

Hassan said that while the movement of traffic at other border points in the city could be slower than usual due to controls, there was no major impact elsewhere.

On Friday, the police also closed two other border roads, in Dhansa and Jharoda Kalan, to traffic as a precaution, even when there were no protesters there.

Santosh Meena, DCP (Dwarka), said that while the Dhansa border was opened to traffic on Friday evening, the Jharoda Kalan border was only opened for traffic towards Haryana. “Incoming traffic at Jharoda Kalan is open for emergency traffic only,” DCP said.

The Jharoda Kalan border has been partially closed as many farmers wanting to enter Delhi pass a road from Haryana which is close to the border.

Until Saturday, the traffic police diverted traffic from Mukarba Chowk and GT Karnal Road and did not allow any traffic movement from Outer Ring Road or Azadpur towards the Singhu border. In one of their tweet alerts, the traffic police rated the traffic on Mukarba Chowk and GTK Road as “very, very heavy”.

They advised motorists to avoid the outer ring road from Signature Bridge to Rohini and vice versa, GTK Road and NH-44.

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