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This lucky mother found her son after 15 years while recovering lost memories


Time is cruel. A decade and a half of alienation can make a mother and child unrecognizable to each other. But what does not fade is the love in their hearts.

When you meet Rama Devi Chowdhary and his son Mitrajit, it doesn’t seem for a moment that the two have just come together after a 15 long year separation, such is their bond.

His story makes you believe in the power of faith. Criminal lawyer Rama Devi Chowdhary left her home in Calcutta after having some differences with her husband. He came to Delhi to pursue a career in law. Starting in the Patiala Court, he soon began practicing on the Supreme Court.

But his career suffered a setback in 2012 when it was discovered during one of his hearings that he had schizophrenia. The judge ordered the police to admit her to IHBAS, where she was treated for her mental illness for nine months.

In 2013, she was transferred to a government shelter. After two years, she came to the home run by the Rahab Center For Hope, an NGO that works for abused and trafficked women. Rama Devi started a new life here. In the five years of his stay, Rama Devi slowly opened up in the family environment. “She kept busy reading and writing. On Independence Day, he would write wonderful speeches. There was a tremendous improvement in her condition, ”says Eunice Stephen, founder of Rahab.

But the pains of separation from her son often resurfaced when she was alone. Unable to remember his name or any other details that might lead to the boy, she kept the pain to herself.

And one day, in June, a miracle happened. In a flashback of memories, Rama Devi recalled the name of his young son: Mitrajit.

Longing to meet the son she had left at home when she was only seven years old, Rama Devi asked Eunice to help her find Mitrajit. But there was no record available of her husband or her family and Eunice didn’t know where to start. His efforts to obtain information from Rama Devi’s brother in the United States were unsuccessful. Rama Devi’s husband had moved from Kolkata and no one seemed to have his address.

When the shelters where Rama Devi had lived in the past were unable to help with any information, Eunice and her team decided to search social media in hopes of having some clue about her son.

While writing Mitrajit Chowdhary, they came across various profiles on Facebook. They had no idea which of them might be the son of Rama Devi. Then messages were sent to each person.

And one of them turned out to be the son of Rama Devi, Mitrajit! A message appeared on the screen of Mitrajit’s phone saying, “Hello, do you have a relative named Rama Devi Chowdhary? We have some information on him. ”

“I stared at the screen for the first few seconds… I could hardly believe that it was finally happening… that my mother had finally reached out, as I always believed she would one day. Wasting no time, I wrote yes, ”says Mitrajit.

When Mitrajit spoke to his mother for the first time, he was very nervous. “I was shaking. I went blank for a while. It took my name… said Mitrajit, this is Mom. It was a lot to take in,” he says.

Mitrajit made a video call the next day. “I couldn’t recognize her… She had all gray hair… she looked so different from the photo I took of her at a family wedding. I kept looking at her, trying to assimilate that she was finally there, in front of me. After that, we started talking regularly, ”says Mitrajit, who works as a human resources executive at Vishakhapatnam.

 Mitrajit always had faith that his mom would come back one day

Mitrajit always had faith that his mother would return one day (Photo: Rajesh Kashyap / HT)

Soon after, Mitrajit began planning his trip to Delhi. On September 25, the two finally met. It took Rama a while to recognize his son, who is now a confident 22-year-old who works as a human resources executive for a company in Vishakhapatnam. “When I looked closer, I saw the same face from childhood … the only difference is that a beard covers it now,” she says.

Mitrajit says that he knew this was how it was going to end. “I was a kid when she left… it was a lot to deal with. All my dad could tell me was that she was gone for her career and that she might come back one day. I had no idea what happened to my mother. There was no source to trace her. I would sit on the beach and think about her … about not having a complete family … but something in me always told me that this would change … she would come back one day. ”

Mitrajit is glad that he created a Facebook profile that eventually led him to his mother. “Thank God I didn’t use any nicknames unlike many friends. Otherwise, it would have been difficult to find me, ”says the boy who used to Google his mother’s name every time he used a computer in hopes of finding her whereabouts.

Rama Devi and her son are now heading to Vishakhapatnam, where she will meet her ex-husband after 15 years. The son could not be happier that his parents are back together.

The Rahab team that made it happen: Amit Greenwold, Eunice Stephen and Stephen Matto

Rahab’s team that made it happen: Amit Greenwold, Eunice Stephen and Stephen Matto (Photo: Rajesh Kashyap / HT)

“Mitrajit’s father never married, time has healed all differences and it is such a moving reunion … I wish we could unite more families that have been torn apart due to circumstances,” says Eunice, who made it her mission to trace to Mitrajit for Rama. .

Before leaving for Vishakhapatnam, the mother and son went to visit Birla Temple and enjoyed eating in the city. She is already acting like a typical mother, filling me with food all the time, ”says Mitrajit beaming.

Love finds its way through the darkest of allies.

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