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No lax crime control will be tolerated, Nitish Kumar told officials | India News


PATNA: Crime must be kept under control in Bihar and no laxity in this regard will be tolerated, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar told officials during a meeting to review law and order in the state on Saturday.
Kumar, who returned as prime minister for another consecutive term earlier this month after the NDA’s victory in the assembly elections, called for a severe crackdown on elements that sought to cause unrest in society.
He also said officials and personnel who participated in the maintenance of law and order but who were met with a lack of diligence “must also be identified and faced with severe action.”
“The law must be strictly enforced and fear of the law must be instilled in those who are involved in crime,” he said.
The prime minister also suggested that night patrols be intensified in all areas of the police stations and that senior officials supervise them in a timely manner.
He also highlighted the need to ensure basic services in police stations, including separate toilets and bathrooms for women and rooms for visitors, as well as a “revolving fund” for the timely replenishment of stationery and other widely used items.
“The special branch also needs to be strengthened so that accurate and timely intelligence inputs are received. This is essential for crime control. The functionality of CCTV cameras and call centers and the helpline must be guaranteed. in all major cities, “he said.
He also called for the creation of forensic science laboratories in all police areas of the state and highlighted the need to curb cybercrime.
Previously, ADG, CID, Vinay Kumar made a presentation that included details of various types of crimes reported in the state. It also included a comparative analysis of crime incidents in various districts and also highlighted those areas that have seen an increase in crime rates.
The meeting was attended, among others, by Chief Secretary Deepak Kumar, Director General SK Singhal, Additional Chief Secretary (Interior) Amir Subhani and Chief Secretary to Chief Minister Chanchal Kumar.

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