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Khattar Links Punjab CM Office to Farmers’ Unrest | India News


CHANDIGARH: The relationship between Punjab and Haryana has hit new lows by the ongoing farmers’ protest against the Union government’s three controversial agricultural marketing laws. Already strained ties worsened on Saturday when Haryana Prime Minister Manohar Lal Khattar claimed in Gurgaon that the farmers’ protests were sponsored by political parties in Punjab and led by officials from the Punjab chief minister’s office.
Khattar also alleged that some unwanted elements had raised slogans in favor of Khalistan during the farmers’ protests. “We have reports and we will release them once it is concrete. They raised those slogans, ”he said. Captain Amarinder Singh of Punjab, in turn, demanded an unequivocal apology from his Haryana counterpart for inflicting brutality on farmers. He also accused Khattar of spreading lies and sticking his nose in a matter in which his state had no role to play.
“Khattar is lying that he tried to call me before and I didn’t answer. But now, after what he’s done to my farmers, I’m not going to talk to him even if he calls me 10 times. Unless he apologizes and admits that he did wrong to the Punjab farmers, I will not forgive him, ”Amarinder said.
Criticizing Khattar for making accusations that he was instigating farmers and provoking them to agitate, Amarinder said: “I am a nationalist to the core, I run a border state and I will never do anything to create a public order problem.” He added that for 60 days farmers had been blocking Punjab’s train tracks, causing losses of more than Rs 43 billion to the state. “I will not accept this nonsense from Khattar. Don’t I have better things to do than incite farmers? “He said, adding that” sometimes they say that it is the Khalistanis who are handling the protests and other times they accuse me of doing so … let them decide. ”
Amarinder stated that no political party was involved in the agricultural protests. Amarinder, calling Khattar’s claim that Haryana farmers were not part of the “Delhi Chalo” agitation as ridiculous, said Punjab’s intelligence department had shown that between 40,000 and 50,000 Haryana farmers had joined the March.

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