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In Odisha, three farmers try to blow themselves up over loan irregularities


Three small fringe farmers from the Cuttack district on Friday afternoon tried to blow themselves up in front of the Odisha Assembly alleging that someone had fraudulently borrowed from the cooperative bank, forcing them to repay the loan amount.

Farmers were trying to spray themselves with kerosene when security personnel on duty in front of the Assembly building overpowered them. They alleged that some people had taken loans on their behalf from the Athagarh branch of the Cuttack Central Cooperative Bank using fraudulent means. As a result of such fraud, they were forced to repay the loan amount.

On Wednesday, several farmers in the Athagarh area of ​​Cuttack had staged a demonstration alleging loan irregularities at the Cuttack District Central Cooperative Bank. They had alleged that money in the amount of more than Rs 1 crore was embezzled from the bank accounts of various people in the district.

The victims alleged that the brother of Odisha Cooperation Minister Ranendra Pratap Swain, Birendra Pratap Swain, had a role in the scam. Birendra was the president of the Cuttack Central Cooperative Bank. Farmers had organized a demonstration in connection with the incident in Athagarh on Wednesday. However, the district collector did not take note of his allegations.

Hindustan Times