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Farmers Protesting at Border Points, Refusing to Head to North Delhi Protest Site: Latest Developments News from India


NEW DELHI: Thousands of farmers gathered at the Singhu border held a rally on Saturday morning amid a heavy security presence and decided to continue demonstrating there even as hundreds of farmers entered the national capital to hold a protest in the Sant Nirankari Ground on Friday after facing tear gas and water cannons and clashes with security personnel. On the Tikri border as well, the protesters continued to hold their position.
These are the latest developments:

  • Police detained large numbers of farmers trying to enter Delhi to protest against the new agricultural laws at the Singhu and Tikri border points. On Friday, they were asked to move to Sant Nirankari Ground in north Delhi, but thousands remained at the border points, undecided whether to go to the rally site identified by police.

  • Those gathered at the Tikri border continued to protest. A decision is expected on whether they will head to the designated location for the protest on Saturday.

  • On Friday, he witnessed how the police used tear gas cannons, water cannons and multi-layered barriers to block protesters and farmers who were throwing stones and breaking barricades in some places in their determination to move forward as part of their march. ‘Delhi Chalo’ against the new agricultural laws of the Center. .

  • After a meeting between farmer leaders and senior police officers, Delhi police had allowed the protesters to hold a peaceful demonstration at Nirankari Ground, but the senior farmer leader Darshan Pal He later said that they would stay at the border points on Friday night and that a decision would be made on Saturday on whether or not to go to the identified site of the protest.

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