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Cosmos Malabaricus: India and Netherlands to Launch ‘Treasure’ of Dutch Archival Records in Kerala


A project highlighting the history of Kerala, based on 17th century Dutch records and aimed at making the records of already digitized Dutch government archival material accessible to a wider base of readers, including academics from India and the world. . The Cosmos Malabaricus project is currently under consideration by the Indian and Dutch authorities.

The Indian embassy in the Netherlands, in a tweet, said that the Cosmos Malabaricus project was a seven-year collaboration and that initiatives have been taken to discuss the project with various stakeholders. “Cosmos Malabaricus, a 7-year collaboration to shed light on the history of Kerala using archival material belonging to the Dutch East India Company available in India and the Netherlands, was discussed among various stakeholders in an online debate at Indian Embassy initiative, “tweeted the Indian embassy. on Friday.

Dutch historical archives from the 17th century will be translated and summaries published in English for the people of Kerala and others, a statement from the Indian embassy in the Netherlands said, according to the PTI news agency.

The statement hailed the information, written in the classic 17th century Dutch language, as a “hidden treasure” containing descriptions of political and military organizations, dynastic developments, economic affairs, social and religious aspects of Kerala between 1643 and 1852. It is available for audiences in the Netherlands, Kerala and Tamil Nadu in India, the statement said.

In October 2019, King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima of the Netherlands visited India on their first official state visit to the country, during which an agreement was signed between the National Archives of the Netherlands and the Archives of the Netherlands. State of Kerala for the digitization of Dutch records in Kerala. the statement said.

Venu Rajamony, the outgoing Indian ambassador to the Netherlands, was thanked by participants in Friday’s online discussion about the Cosmos Malabaricus project for their efforts to facilitate it.

Arjen Uijterlinde, Ambassador for International Cultural Cooperation at the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, tweeted: “This morning’s virtual meeting discussed ‘Cosmos Malabaricus’, a joint collaborative research project on the history of #Kerala using the Dutch #archivesindia . Thank you Ambassador @venurajamony for bringing the stakeholders together and organizing this meeting! #sharedheritage “.

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