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BJP accuses Ashok Gehlot government of horse trading


A video clip circulating on social media showing an MLA from the Rajasthan Congress accusing two MLAs from the Bharatiya Tribal Party (BTP) of receiving 10 million rupees each during the Rajya Sabha elections and the infighting in the state unit of the Congress led the BJP to accuse the Ashok Gehlot government of involvement in the horse trade. HT cannot guarantee the authenticity of the video clip.

The clip shows Mahendrajeet Singh Malviya saying during a panchayat poll campaign in Banswara that Dungarpur’s two MLA BTPs each received Rs 5 crore during the Rajya Sabha polls and again Rs 5 crore each during the political crisis when former MP CM Sachin Pilot rebelled against the Gehlot government.

Malviya said in the video that she has been in politocs for a long time but did not make as much money.

He did not respond to repeated calls and messages seeking comment.

Two BTP MLAs, Ramprasad Dindor (Sagwara) and BTP Rajkumar Roat (Chorasi), supported the congressional government during the Rajya Sabha elections and the Pilot rebellion.

Refuting the accusations, BTP MLA Roat said: “The MLA Congress has tried to blame its own party in Rajasthan by leveling the accusations.”

Dindor, the other BTP MLA, said: “Malviya was with those who wanted to overthrow the congressional government, so he couldn’t digest it when it failed. We saved the government of Congress in the state. ”

BJP State President Satish Poonia, tagging the alleged Malviya video, wrote to Gehlot: “Please light it up, is it a horse trade or Goat Mandi? The statement by the senior leader of Congress in this video is just a corroboration of the questions I raised during the MLA meeting for you. ”

Commenting on the video, the President of the State Congress, Govind Singh Dotasara, said: “I cannot verify the authenticity of the video, but if such things are said, then it is wrong. What is said is far from the truth ”.

Gehlot in a statement on Friday alleged that when the Rajasthan government was trying to save people’s lives from Covid-19, the leaders of the BJP were making negative statements at the urging of their central leadership.

“BJP wants to destabilize the state government in Rajasthan by seizing power with the help of money and muscle power,” Gehlot said.

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