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AG Refuses Consent to Initiate Contempt Against Prashant Bhushan, Says Expressed Regret Over Tweets About CJI | India News


NEW DELHI: Attorney General KK Venugopal has refused consent to the initiation of criminal contempt proceedings against Prashant Bhushan for his tweets criticizing the Chief Justice of India (CJI) SA Bobde received a special helicopter from the government from Madhya Pradesh, saying that the activist-lawyer later expressed his regret.
On October 21, Bhushan had said that the CJI took advantage of the special helicopter during his visit to Kanha National Park while “a major case of disqualification of MLAs who defected from the MP (Madhya Pradesh) is pending before him. The survival of the government the MP depends on this case. ” .
However, Bhushan on November 4 lamented the error in his earlier tweet, tweeting: “Yesterday elections were held for the seats of the Cong MLAs who defected in the MP who were appointed ministers in the Shivraj government. Survival Shivraj’s government will depend on his re-election, not on the decision of the case in the CJI court challenging his ministry. I regret this error in my tweet below. ”
A lawyer, Sunil Singh, requested the consent of the highest legal official to initiate a contempt process against Bhushan for his tweet on October 21 in which he said that the activist-lawyer linked “the personal life of CJI with a case pending before him .
Although Venugopal called Bhushan’s earlier tweet about the CJI totally unwarranted, inappropriate, devoid of legal basis and stubborn prima facie, he declined consent considering the regret expressed in his later tweet.
“I am of the opinion that the allegations contained in three tweets that the Chief Justice of India committed an improper act by accepting the facilities of the state of Madhya Pradesh during his visit to Kanha National Park while a related case with the Disqualification of certain members of the MP’s legislative assembly pending before him were totally unjustified, improper, lacking legal basis and prima facie stubborn for the following reasons, Venugopal said in his response to the lawyer.
In the first place, he said that the CJI is one of the highest constitutional officials in the country and has the right to receive a protocol according to the stature of their office and that state guests have the right to be provided with adequate security.
The senior law enforcement officer said he was initially on the mind of granting consent to initiate criminal contempt proceedings.
However, I must draw your attention to subsequent events … you have expressed regret for the mistake you made in your previous tweet on October 21st. He has publicly stated that it was incorrect to claim that the fate of the Madhya Pradesh government depended on the case pending before the CJI.
In these circumstances, I do not think it is in the public interest to consent to the proceedings on the basis of the original tweet in view of the subsequent tweet expressing regret. Consequently, I refuse consent, Venugopal said.
The Attorney General said that the region that the CJI visited has been a region affected by the Maoists and that is why they gave him the installation of the helicopter.
It is significant to note that on November 4, a bank headed by the CJI resolved an allegation that had raised the issue of the processing of a disqualification process against some members of the Congress of Deputies who had joined the BJP and were appointed ministers in the government of Shivraj Singh Chouhan. in Madhya Pradesh.
The high court, on August 31, had imposed a symbolic fine of one rupee against Bhushan as punishment in the contempt case against him.
Bhushan was previously convicted of two tweets against the judiciary

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