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8 states, UT reported 69 percent of new Covid-19 cases within 24 hours; tests per million cross 1 lakh | India News

NEW DELHI: More than 69 percent of the 41,322 new Covid-19 cases reported in a 24-hour span come from eight states and union territories, with Maharashtra recording the highest number of new infections, followed by Delhi and Kerala, said the Union Ministry of Health on Saturday.
With 11.57,605 tests carried out in a 24 hour span, India’s cumulative tests have risen to 13.82 crore, while the number of tests per million population has crossed the 1 lakh mark and now stands at 1, 00,159.7, the ministry said.
The number of active cases of Covid-19 in the country is 4.54,940 and comprises 4.87 percent of all coronavirus infections.
The ministry issued a statement saying that “69.04 percent of daily new Covid-19 cases are contributed by eight states / UT, that is, Maharashtra, Delhi, Kerala, West Bengal, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Chhattisgarh “.
Maharashtra leads the count with 6,185 new cases of Covid. Delhi has recorded 5,482 cases, while Kerala follows with 3,966 infections.
The sustained and progressive expansion of the test infrastructure has played a crucial role in the sharp increase in test numbers. With 2,161 testing labs in the country, including 1,175 government labs and 986 private labs, daily testing capacity has received a substantial boost, the ministry said.
After the national search, 23 states and UT have better tests per million population than the national average.
Thirteen states and UT have tests per million inhabitants lower than the national average, the ministry added.
Total Covid-19 recoveries have risen to 87,59,969 with 41,452 recoveries recorded in one day in the country, he said, adding that 76.55 percent of the new recovered cases are observed to be concentrated in 10 states and UT.
Delhi has reported the highest number of recoveries in a single day with 5,937 newly discharged cases. A total of 4,544 people recovered in Kerala, followed by 4,089 in Maharashtra.
The ministry said that 78.35 percent of the 485 death cases reported in a 24-hour period are concentrated in 10 states and UT.
With 98 deaths, Delhi recorded the highest number of new deaths. Maharashtra saw a death count of 85 followed by West Bengal with 46, the ministry said.
India’s number of Covid-19 cases stands at 93.51,109 and the death toll has risen to 1.36,200, data updated at 8 a.m. showed.

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