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25% of PM-Kisan beneficiaries are women: government data | India News


NEW DELHI: Nearly a quarter of the beneficiaries of the PM Kisan scheme, launched last year and used during the shutdown to offer relief to farmers, are women, a startling revelation indicating that they are also landowners, as required to receive the benefits of direct transfers from the central government. Government data on the Center’s flagship scheme, according to a response from RTI, shows that the northeastern states and Kerala lead in reducing the gender gap in the agricultural sector.
Punjab, an eminently agricultural state, figures at the bottom where female beneficiaries represent just 61 of the 23.3 million beneficiaries in the state. Similarly, among all TUs, Chandigarh represents the fewest number of female beneficiaries with 52 out of 458. Figures at the national level show that 2.4 crore (24.2%) are female beneficiaries while 7.7 crore (75.7%) are male. The PM-Kisan scheme was intended only for small and marginal farmers with holdings of up to 2 hectares. However, its scope was extended to all farmers.
The percentage of women beneficiaries is good news for the Modi government and reflects the support that this section offered the JD (U) -BJP in the Bihar elections. In seven states and UT, including Mizoram, Puducherry, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Assam and Tamil Nadu, women represent between 30% and 40% of total beneficiaries, more than the national average.

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