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War of Words Turns Bitter as Nitish and Tejashwi Trade Personal Spikes | India News

NEW DELHI: Nitish Kumar, known for staying calm, lost his cool on Friday on the floor of the state assembly when opposition leader Tejashwi Yadav launched a relentless attack on him and even accused the prime minister of being afraid of a girl. .
“You are lying … Have you forgotten who appointed you deputy CM?” Nitish said as he reacted angrily to Tejashwi’s accusations on the floor of the Chamber. Prime Minister JD (U) ‘s party called Tejashwi a “failed cricketer and failed Class 9 student.”
The exchange in the assembly turned ugly when the RJD leader, during his speech, mentioned some old cases to attack Nitish.
Tejashwi mentioned a murder case in which the prime minister had been named defendant, a plagiarism case brought by a JNU scholar regarding a book published by a Patna-based think tank that was endorsed by the prime minister, in addition to the Srijan. scam that is being investigated by the CBI.
Nitish sat quietly listening to Tejashwi’s spikes and accusations during the RJD leader’s hour-long speech.
Later, when it was the turn of JD (U) leader and parliamentary affairs minister Vijay Kumar Chaudhary to speak, he expressed disapproval of the references made by Tejashwi in his speech.
But the RJD leader rose from his chair and persisted with his accusations.
“It was a serious matter that I raised on the basis of the facts. Isn’t it true that the prime minister had to pay a fine in connection with the murder case,” Tejashwi said.
This interjection by the young leader turned out to be the turning point for the prime minister, who stood up and said … “He is telling a lie.”
“I challenge the president to examine the veracity of his statement and take the necessary action. I have been listening to his tirade simply because he is the son of a friend whom I treat like a brother,” Nitish said.
“Do you know how your father (Lalu Prasad) became prime minister? Did he forget who made him executive vice president? I had to separate simply because he ignored my advice to explain things,” Nitish said angrily.
Early in his speech, Tejashwi accused the prime minister of being afraid of a girl.
He was reacting to a comment made by Nitish Kumar during the campaign in which, without giving a name, the prime minister had said that people father 8 to 9 children due to their desire for a male child.
“I hope the prime minister knows that my parents’ youngest son was a girl, born after two children,” said Yadav, whose older brother Tej Pratap Yadav is also a member of the state assembly and his younger sister Rajlaxmi Yadav is married in the family of the Chairman of the Samajwadi Party, Mulayam Singh Yadav.
“Now we come to the fact that the prime minister has only one child. Could we apply your own criteria and say that he did not have another for fear that it could be a girl,” Tejashwi said.
This prompted condemnation from the ruling NDA leaders.
The young RJD leader, who was participating in the debate on the governors’ speech in the newly formed assembly, expressed his dismay that while he focused on “people’s issues” during the elections, the ruling NDA decided to do the opposite.

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