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States Must Rise Above Politics And Take Strict Measures To Contain Rise Of Covid-19, Says SC | India News


NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court said on Friday that states must rise “above politics” and tough measures are required to contain the rise of Covid-19 as things have gone from “bad to worse.”
The higher court also said that there are policies, guidelines and standard operating procedures (SoP) for the management of Covid-19 in the country, but there is a lack of implementation by the authorities and no concrete measures have been taken to address the problem. .
The highest court said that “it is time to take strict measures”, otherwise, the efforts of the central government will be in vain.
The remarks by a court headed by Judge Ashok Bhushan came after the Center reported that the current wave of the pandemic appears to be “harsher” than before.
The court, which also included Judges RS Reddy and MR Shah, was hearing a case in which it had learned about the need for proper treatment of Covid-19 patients and dignified handling of corpses in hospitals.
Attorney General Tushar Mehta told the court that states will have to ensure strict implementation of the guidelines and SoPs, as “this wave appears to be tougher than previous ones.”
Taking note of their presentations, the bank said, “then tougher measures must be taken. Things are going from bad to worse, but no concrete action is being taken. States will have to rise above politics. All states will have to rise to the occasion. ”
“Strict measures are required. This is the time to take tough action, “the bank said, adding:” There are policies, guidelines and SoP, but there is no strict implementation. There is no will to implement all this ”.
When Mehta said that the states would have to “toughen up” the implementation of measures to deal with the situation, the bank said: “Yes, otherwise the central government’s effort will be in vain.”
The attorney general said: “I can’t be ‘me’ against ‘them’. It has to be ‘us’ ”.
During the hearing carried out by videoconference, the bench observed: “We are seeing how celebrations and processions are carried out in which 60 percent of the people do not have masks and 30 percent have their masks hanging.”
Mehta informed the bank that 10 states, including Maharashtra, Kerala and Delhi, currently contribute around 77 percent of the active Covid-19 case load in the country.
The higher court, which published the matter for a further hearing on December 1, also took note of the incident of the fire in the ICU of a designated Covid-19 hospital in Rajkot in Gujarat in which five patients died and pounced on the states. for not taking any concrete action to mitigate the problem despite repeated cases.
Calling the Rajkot fire incident “shocking”, the high court said this is “a very serious thing” and reflects the situation of designated government hospitals, as similar cases have occurred elsewhere as well.
He asked the Gujarat government to provide him with a report on the fire incident before December 1.
On November 23, the high court had said that the Covid-19 pandemic had “gotten worse” in Delhi and had “gotten out of control” in Gujarat and had ordered the Center and all states to inform it of measures taken to contain the disease. situation throughout the country.
He had expressed concern about the increase in coronavirus cases across the country, saying that the situation is likely to get worse in December and that all states must be prepared to “fight” it.
In the June 19 order, the high court had directed the Center and states to establish a panel of experts for effective monitoring, oversight, and guidance of the government and hospitals dedicated to Covid to provide adequate medical care to patients. .
He had ordered the Center to standardize the charges for testing and other facilities and ordered it to form a committee of senior physicians from central government hospitals, hospitals run by the GNCTD, AIIMS, and a responsible official from the Ministry of Health of the Union.

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