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MiG-29K pilot missing after accident in Arabian Sea | India News

Commander Nishant Singh, a Naval MiG-29K pilot operating from the INS Vikramaditya aircraft carrier, had asked his commanding officer for permission to drop “a nuclear bomb on himself” and “willingly sacrifice himself in time of absolute peace” to enter in the “spiral of the marriage cemetery” just seven months ago.
“All good things have to finally come to an end. Welcome to hell,” Captain Mrigank Sheokhand replied. Soon after, Nishant married Nayaab Randhawa in May.
On Thursday night, the Navy launched a massive search with planes and warships to track down Nishant after his two-seat MiG-29K crashed in the Arabian Sea around 5 p.m. The other pilot was successfully rescued, reports Rajat Pandit.
It was the fourth MiG-29K accident since January 2018. India acquired 45 of these supersonic fighters for $ 2 billion from Russia to operate from INS Vikramaditya, which was installed in November 2013 under a separate $ 2.33 thousand deal. millions.
Captain Sheokhand, who was Nishant’s instructor during his flight training, was involved in a MiG-29K accident after a bird impact in Goa in November 2019. Fortunately, he and his co-pilot had escaped safely.
Apparently, Nishant also managed to expel. Even as the search and rescue operation continued until Friday night, the Navy ordered a board of inquiry to determine whether a technical problem or something else led to the accident.
According to military tradition, young officers must seek approval from their COs to marry, which is rarely, if ever, rejected. But Nishant’s semi-official May 9 letter, titled “Permission to Bite the Bullet,” had gone viral on social media earlier this year due to the jokes involved.
In his letter, Nishant assured his CO that he and Nayaab, a famous hairstylist he had met at school, had conducted three years of “extensive survival and compatibility testing (SCTT)” to rule out the possibility of them killing each other. .
Nishant said she wanted to follow in the footsteps of Captain Sheokhand and “many other brave men” to get married. He even brazenly referred to his inability to recover from “his space disorientation trance,” a challenge faced by all airmen, especially naval ones.
Captain Sheokhand should “forgive this reckless, blatantly suicidal and utterly amateur mistake of a maneuver on my part. I promise never to repeat such a performance in the air or show it to my pilots-in-formation,” he said, inviting his CO to his wedding. . “personally witness the massacre.”
Captain Sheokhand quickly gave his approval. The couple tied the knot in a small living room wedding, and their parents blessed them via a Zoom video call in times of the pandemic.

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