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Mehbooba Mufti Claims “House Arrest” After Police Prevented Him From Visiting Pulwama | India News


SRINAGAR: PDP chief and former J&K CM Mehbooba Mufti claimed on Friday that she had been “illegally detained once again” after police prevented her from visiting the home in Pulwama of her party’s arrested youth wing chairman Waheed Parra. citing “security reasons”.
Tweeting a photo of an armored security vehicle stopped in his driveway, Mehbooba said: “For two days now, the administrator of J&K has refused to allow me to visit @parawahid’s family in Pulwama. BJP ministers and their puppets can move in all corners of Kashmir, but security is an issue only in my case. ”
In another tweet, he said: “His cruelty knows no bounds. Waheed was arrested on unfounded charges and I am not allowed to even comfort his family. Even my daughter Iltija has been placed under house arrest because she also wanted to visit Waheed’s family. . ”
While speculating on whether the PDP chairman was officially under house arrest within six weeks of his release from 14 months in detention, J&K police issued a statement denying such a move. “He was asked to postpone his visit to Pulwama simply for security reasons,” police tweeted.
Mehbooba had scheduled a presser at 3:00 pm at his residence, but no one was allowed in.
“Is this what you call democracy where you have no right to exercise your freedom of expression and expression? They are threatening and intimidating you for speaking out about anything,” said the former CM, who had sparked a controversy last month for refusing to raise the tricolor until the flag and J & K’s special status were restored.
Omar Abdullah of the National Conference, whose party the PDP lashed out Thursday for sharing seats in District Development Council polls, said: “Parking a truck in front of our doors is now standard operating procedure for this administrator. They did what same for my father recently so that he would stop praying. ”
“Personal freedom is treated as a favor by the government, to give and withdraw at will, without interference from the judiciary,” he tweeted.

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