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Indian and Russian satellites a few meters in space; Roscosmos says 224 million, Isro says 420 million | India News


BENGALURU: India’s CARTOSAT-2F remote sensing satellite is “dangerously close” to a Russian Earth observation satellite (Kanopus-V) in near-Earth orbit, and both countries’ space agencies are monitoring them close up.
The Russian space agency Roscosmos said on Friday that according to the main information and analysis center TsNIIMash of the Automated Warning System for Dangerous Situations in Near-Earth Space (part of Roscosmos), the CARTOSAT 2F satellite weighing more than 700 kg came dangerously close to the Russian Kanopus- Spaceship V on November 27, 2020 at 01:49 UTC.
“According to TsNIIMash calculations, the minimum distance between the Russian and foreign satellites was 224 meters. Both spacecraft are designed for remote sensing from Earth,” Roscosmos said.
However, to allay fears, Isro President K Sivan told TOI: “We have been tracking the satellite for four days and it is about 420 meters from the Russian satellite. A maneuver will only be performed when it reaches about 150 meters. “Isro president K Sivan told TOI.
Sivan added that these things are not uncommon when the satellites are in similar low-Earth orbits. The general practice, he said, is for the two agencies to argue and decide to carry out a maneuver.
“… Recently, there was a situation with a satellite from Spain and it was resolved. These things are not made public in general,” Sivan added.
The CARTOSAT-2F was launched from the first lanuch platform in Sriharikota on January 12, 2018 and is still operational.

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