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‘Civic officials made false statements under oath, blatantly misled the court’ | India News


Bombay HC detained civic officials on Friday and called the action of one of them “dishonest”, which led to the demolition and subsequent justification of it. “The conduct shows that the designated officer Bhagyawant Late and his officers were at least since September 5 determined to cause damage to the bungalow by demolishing it,” thus causing losses to the actor who owns it.
“To this end, Late and his team have not only ignored all provisions of the law, as well as their own circular of March 15, 2012,” but “by making false statements under oath … they blatantly resorted to deceiving to this court “, The attempt was to justify that construction was” in progress “to attract section 354A of the MMC Act. HC said: “The object of 354A is the interruption of the unauthorized work in progress by means of a notice for its elimination if despite said notice … unauthorized work in progress (authorization does not stop or occur within 24 hours). The purpose is not the demolition of unauthorized work already done ”. The mukadam who claimed to have inspected the bungalow had failed to meet all requirements, including a mandatory entry into a detection record at the inspection, the bank said. The HC, who questioned Late during the hearing, found that her report was full of discrepancies and lacked details. The reason, the HC said, was that Late and his officers already knew that there were no unauthorized works in progress as they claimed and that all works on the bungalow were underway. The court said: “We consider the material before us to constitute a strong case for such a statement, as there is a clear case of ‘malice in the law.’ Full report at www.toi.in

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